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Baby Shower

Coming of age is one of the most dreamed of, most desired goals of all. You have to think well about how to organize an 18-year-old party. Whatever your idea, make sure it remains unforgettable.

How long have you spent wondering what it will be like when you come of age: you can vote, you can drink, you can get your license to drive, your responsibilities become official. It is the first big leap in becoming an adult and must be celebrated in a very special way, surrounded by the affection of your closest friends and family (it's an exciting milestone for your parents too!)

How to organize an exclusive party for  your 18 years old then?

We'll think about it! We will personalize your "event", we will follow you in its organization and we will be by your side while you blow out the most important candles!

Look below, let's build it together!

Personalized cake

Chef at home with dedicated buffet

Personalized balloons and flags

Personalized invitations

Panel  with boy / girl name

Personalized gift box for your guests

photo shoot of about 2 hours





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