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Bachelor / bachelorette party proposal

Tick tock ... tick tock ... single hours are running out! And between the  choice of location  and of  floral decorations for the wedding, the future spouses have the right to  take a break with friends to relax a bit and, why not, reflect on the imminent change your life will undergo after the fateful yes.
This would be the right spirit with which to live your bachelorette and bachelorette party. Often, however, even what should be a pleasure becomes a source of stress and agitation, at a time when everything, absolutely everything, must be perfect.

So even this "party" must be organized in the right way, also respecting the wishes of the future spouses. It is known that this moment is usually managed by the wedding witnesses and closest friends.

But don't go blind, untangling a thousand things to do is not easy!

This is why we are here, who together, respecting style, needs and budget, will help you organize a perfect evening or day for them!

We will personalize it, we will organize it with you and we will be there to make sure that everything goes exactly as you imagined it, amazing the couple and giving them one last truly unforgettable and special "single" party!

Chef at home with dedicated menu or location with dedicated menu or aperitif

Accessories  photobooth


Personalized cake


Bar tender  

Personalized guest gift box

4-hour photo shoot





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