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Marriage proposal

You found it. You understand that she is your soul mate, the half of the apple. You know for sure that it represents that missing part of you, the piece that completes (your) puzzle, the other side of the scales. And now, finally, you also feel ready to propose to her.  

And it is even more likely that, at the exact moment you have decided that you are ready to propose to her, a thought has begun to hammer your mind: how do you make a really beautiful marriage proposal?

So here we are, ready to build the perfect proposal with you!  

Below is our customizable idea, to make one of the best moments of your life together unique and unforgettable!  

Contact us for more information, we will be happy to help you!  

Chef at home with a dedicated menu

Floral box with engagement ring

Preparation of the dedicated area

Poem or written proposal with customized graphics  

       Photo shoot of about 2 hours  





Chef at home or location with aperitif or dedicated menu    

Accessories  photobooth


Personalized cake


Bar tender 

Personalized guest gift box

4-hour photo shoot

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